WINNERS, BandJam 2019 Middle School Division

We are so thrilled to announce that FORTUNA won the middle school division of BandJam 2019 at the Ridgefield Playhouse! They worked unbelievably hard to take home the “big check” and were just so humble, sweet and lovely. That humility, coupled with their “old souls,” really hit a good note with the judges!

It’s been a long standing dream for the studio to prepare a band to do a competition like this….we just never expected they’d be under the age of 13!

Judges included American Idol Season 2 finalist Kimberley Locke, i95 DJ Ethan Carey, Entourage Talent Associates’ Wayne Forte, and Aaron Accetta and Shep Goodman from Dirty Canvas Music. They gave such amazingly constructive, positive comments to the kids, and we’re so glad that their years of hard work were genuinely praised.

The kids can now enjoy a shopping spree at Guitar Center, awesome cases from the Calzone Case Co. and recording studio time. We also all enjoyed the unlimited Mountain Dew backstage….boy, is that stuff pumped with sugar!

Congrats to high school division winners Postscript!! Amazing musicianship and incredible role models for tweens like Fortuna!

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